2019 Edge Binding

Jon Travers

Who is Jon Travers

Jon has been raised in the most famous waterski ski school in the world, Jack Travers Waterski school at Sunset lakes. His dad, the legendary Jack Travers, has dedicated his life to the advancement of water skiing. Jack passed on his passion for the sport to Jon and together they continue to inspire innovation and development in waterski. This is the reason why Jon decided to join Edge Waterski in September 2015, to develop a hard shell of his own.

Jon Travers
Jon Travers
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Jon Travers sets up recreational skier John Birch on the Edge Binding

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Jon Travers

“Edge Bindings is taking my skiing to the next level and added the constancy I have been looking for”.

Former Masters slalom champion, Jon is determined to help Edge create the #1 hard shell binder in waterski.