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  • 100% contact with the plate
  • Be one with your ski
  • Reach your maximum performance

Who is Jon Travers

Jon has been raised in the most famous waterski ski school in the world, Jack Travers Waterski school at Sunset lakes. His dad, the legendary Jack Travers, has dedicated his life to the advancement of water skiing. 


Edge One


Edge Waterski is in the business of designing, engineering and selling waterski hard shell bindings. We deliver to customers worldwide. Edge Waterski is based in Groveland, Florida and was developed by Jon Travers in 2016. As the sport of Waterskiing grows, we grow with it - evolving and creating revolutionary products. Edge Waterski allows skiers from all levels, no matter strong or weak to gain a significant benefit. Core team members are among the most successful currently competing and we work together to provide the highest level of service.

it's time to get on Edge!

Edge Water Ski