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Toe Bar

Stainless steel


Carbon plate




The Edge One has 100 percent contact with the plate.  This contact creates incredible performance.  The boot is locked to a G-10 carbon plate and has no lateral movement due to our custom designed footbed. Think about it, we tweak our fin position to the thousandth of an inch but we ski on bindings that allow for significant movement on the ski. That movement is lost control and power.

When you look at the binding plate, you see that it fits exactly with the binding shell.  There is no possibility for unwanted movement. This means that when you lean into your pull, your binding isn’t twisting on it’s plate.  The energy you put into your turn then helps you to move across course and make you early at the next ball.    

The Edge One comes with a toe bar made out of stainless steel allowing it to be in constant contact with the binding while keeping it in a safe releasable system. The high quality aluminium buckles make the entire hardshell even more durable and stylish than any other binding system on the market. 


Edge Waterski is in the business of designing, engineering and selling waterski hard shell bindings. We deliver to customers worldwide. Edge Waterski is based in Groveland, Florida and was developed by Jon Travers in 2016. As the sport of Waterskiing grows, we grow with it - evolving and creating revolutionary products. Edge Waterski allows skiers from all levels, no matter strong or weak to gain a significant benefit. Core team members are among the most successful currently competing and we work together to provide the highest level of service.


Jon has been raised in the most famous waterski ski school in the world, Jack Travers Waterski school at Sunset lakes. His dad, the legendary Jack Travers, has dedicated his life to the advancement of water skiing. Jack passed on his passion for the sport to Jon and together they continue to inspire innovation and development in waterski. This is the reason why Jon decided to join Edge Waterski in September 2015, to develop a hard shell of his own.

“Edge Bindings is taking my skiing to the next level and added the constancy I have been looking for”.

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