Frequently asked questions

What is co-living?

Co-living is a modern form of shared housing. In our fully-furnished co-living suites, everyone gets their own private bedroom and workspace, but amenities like the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room, and some amazing perks like wireless internet, Spotify, Netflix, and Google Nest are all shared amongst the other people in your suite. Sharing amenities not only reduces living expenses, but it also creates the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people. The goal of co-living is to foster comfort, affordability, and a greater sense of social belonging.

Do we share costs?

In short, no! Victoria Hall pays for and supplies all the basics listed below. You and/or your suitemates would only have to pay for or share costs for any other requirement not listed here. The following amenities and services are provided by Victoria Hall and included in your monthly rent, so there's no need to keep a tally and divide everything up at the end of the month: heat, electricity, water, wireless internet, Netflix (for the TV), Spotify (for the speakers), Google Nest, weekly cleaning, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, hand soap, Q-tips, cotton balls, paper towel, dish soap, ground coffee, and a selection of teas. The unit also already comes with all the basics including: light fixtures, couches, bed frames and mattresses, nightstands, pillows, curtains chairs, hand towels, bath towels, shower curtains, a Smart TV, cutlery & utensils, cookware, dishware, salt & pepper shakers, a toaster, an espresso maker, a microwave, a kettle, a coffee maker, and a fridge & freezer.

Why should I consider co-living?

It's flexible: Victoria Hall offers leases as short as 6 months, making it ideal for anyone new to Hamilton and just looking to try the city out for a little while. It's easy: All of the basic necessities are already provided, meaning you don't need to worry about the stress and cost of moving in. It's affordable: Between paying for wireless internet (on a contract), Netflix, Spotify, and supplies, living can be expensive (and confusing!) At Victoria Hall, all of this and more is included in one easy monthly payment. Above all, community: Living at Victoria Hall means there's a community of like-minded individuals right outside your door. Looking for someone to bounce an idea off of? Something to do? Or just someone to watch Netflix with? Co-living sets the scene for this human connection and collaboration to happen so much more effortlessly, which is why so many people choose it over more traditional and isolated forms of housing.

Will I have privacy?

This one's really up to you! Some people are okay with very little privacy, while others prefer having lots of space to themselves. It's all a matter of personal preference. In our co-living suites, everyone gets their own private bedroom with workstation, while spaces like the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms are shared between the 4 other people in your suite. If you're still unsure about this kind of shared living arrangement after taking a touring the space, you can always get to know your suitemates before moving in. From there, you can decide if you feel comfortable living with them. Rest assured - we want all of our members feel safe. We have an extensie vetting and roommate matching process and we'll never select a potential suitemate if, after getting to know them, we feel they wouldn't be a good fit for the specific co-living suite. Above everything else, our community is built on mutal respect.

Are there any rules I have to follow?

All Victoria Hall members must sign a standard Residential Tenancy Agreement. The Residential Tenancy Agreement is a standard lease agreement, provided by the Government of Ontario, that governs the basic rules of all residential tenancies in Ontario. We ask that all Victoria Hall members also follow our Victoria Hall House Rule: treat yourself, your space, and others with respect.